During my high school years, I was one of the few "white" people in my school. The majority was Latino, so many of my closest friends danced to Latin music. I always had a love for the music, so a few of my friends taught me the basics of merengue & salsa.

Not until I started college did I start taking classes at a dance studio, when a friend asked me if I would be interested in going. I took lessons once a week for about a year, then stopped for a while.

I was actually featured on Channel 4 "Latin Trend", many years ago. CLICK FOR VIDEO. I have danced at Lord and Taylor on stage to show off their new Fall line. I have also danced for a charity for kids in Nepal.

I consider myself advanced beginner since I don't have time to practice much to remember all my turn patterns, but still can have fun on the dance floor.

My main focus is on Mambo, which is Salsa (on 2), Salsa is basically a forward - together - back - together step, Mambo / Salsa (on 2) / New York style as it's called, starts on the back foot on the second beat of the music, where salsa is on the first beat. Kind of hard to explain, and still hard to even show you if you don't hear the beats in the music.

I have knowledge on the following dances: Salsa/Mambo, East & West Coast Swing, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Merengue, Hustle, and Bachatta. Once you pick up one, the rest are easier to learn.


So what does Latin dancing look like? What do I look like dancing? Take a look at a few of my friends and students dancing.



You'll meet many people with at least one common interest. There are many clubs in New York, and it's amazing how many times you'll see the same people.


Dancing is great for the waist, legs, and cardiovascular exercise. After a night of dancing, you'll notice your body asking to sleep for a few extra hours in the morning.


It's a great feeling to learn something, then put it to use in the real world. Not only with the people you practice with but people from all over the world.


When you go to a regular club, the idea on a lot of people's minds are "hooking up" with someone. Yet in a Latin club, it's dancing. But if you do want to "hook up" with someone, dancing gives you a reason to start up a conversation.


List of my Dancing Links feel free to browse : OPEN LINKS HERE

EddieTorres : Simply amazing. Not for the beginner. Take 2 months of Salsa On 2 at another studio. $15 for two hours 7 days a week.
SteppingOut : A good studio. Get $10 off if you mention my name as a referral. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. They have an unlimited beginner class which gets your feet moving to diffe rent dances.
DanceManhattan : Great social parties.
Danceon2 : Young crowd!!! Teachers are girls and guys that used to dance at the world famous Copacabana. Fast paced teaching, not for the beginner.
DanceSport : The people who are here seem to be a bit more well off than other studios.It's where I started a long time ago.
CarlosKonig : Smaller class size. It helps to build relationships with others.
MamboD : Smaller class, he has some interesting moves.