It all started one day in June of 1979, William Joseph Petz was born. I have two brothers (Billy & Michael) and one sister (Debbie).

I have lived in NYC, Queens for my entire life. I attended grammar school & Junior High School here as well. My teachers noticed that "William is very creative and works well with others", which is how I ended up majoring in art in JHS to finally study 4 years of architecture @ Art and design HS in Manhattan. Did I continue with art? No... couldn't afford to attend Syracuse University, which I was accepted to. This ended me up in Baruch College not knowing what to major in, but having my first computer for a few months and not getting off it, the logical major was CIS - Computer Information Systems.

During high school, I managed three jobs (Board of Education, Saxony Inc., and CVS/Pharmacy). I also was captain of my bowling team and second doubles on the handball team. Not to mention VP of the National Honor Art Society.

Throughout my years at Baruch, I obtained positions at J.P Morgan and PricewaterhouseCoopers working in the technology field. After graduating I started work as a system administrator at Lehman Brothers. After the fall of Lehman Brothers in 2008, I moved to Merrill Lynch, Bank of America and then Nomura. In 2009 I started my own company called Random Events. In just one year over 3000 members signed up.


This is my house

Click on the image to see a panoramic
view of my street, yard, and home.


1979 Chevy Chevette! My first car. No power anything... that means no power breaks, steering, or windows. But it did have an AM radio with one speaker.

2000 Hyundai Elantra - Bought it brand new in my last year of college. This is now my day to day car... my weekend car is above :)

004 Acura TL - Navigation / Leather / Auto Start / Voice Recognition / Bluetooth. I could go on, but let's just say... Ever have that item you always wanted and said, "One day I'll have that" (dreaming)... This is mine.


This is one of the earliest pictures that I have of me. It may actually be someone else's child, but mom says it's really me.
This is about the only picture I have of my dad when I was really young - B&W would lead me to assume that it was taken in one of those booths, probably in Coney Island.
This is young William sporting his new GQ wear. You'll notice his large collar shirt and fitting waistline, ready to hit the disco.
Little league, the place where every young boy learns teamwork and sportsmanship
This was my senior prom, yes, still had a mustache.
Ok, I know Freshmen year of College... still with the mustache. It didn't last much longer I promise.
This was taken on my last day of work at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Notice the big smile! (just kidding)
Done with school... now working. This is a picture taken on a sailboat during sunset. Vacations are the only thing I look forward to now. Oh, and getting my paycheck.
When I'm not working hard, I'm having fun, dancing, playing games, going away, and meeting friends.
2010 - Friend took some pictures of me in the park.